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Nusa Dua, 6 October 2010 -Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Championshas announced the winners for the inaugural Looking For A Hero Contest. The two winners are Yohana Fransiska Sulastri as narrated by SetiajiWibowo and Wahyu Setyarini as narrated by Esti Murdani. Each winner receives cash prize Rp 25,000,000 for the hero and Rp 5,000,000 for thewriter, provided by PT Bank Commonwealth. They also won a trip to Bali,hosted by the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa.
Setyarini is a public servant in Central Java, an ordinary villager who works just to make ends meet. She reads and collects books as ahobby. In 2008, she opened a little reading studio at the front terrace of her house to attract and motivate children to read. In thebeginning, there were only 5 children. Today, there are more than 30children who come regularly to her studio, which is called Sanggar Bunga Padi. Every Sunday morning, this informal school is packed with children who are eager to learn the English language, painting, various school subjects, and also drama play. It is one of her dreams to helpthese children become computer literate.

Setyarini committed that if she won the contest, she will then equip Sanggar Bunga Padi with computers. It is one of her dreams to helpthese children become computer literates.

Sulastri is a self-taught, anti malaria advisor at Mount Menoreh, Central Java, where malaria has been one of the major causes of death since the 1990s. Her passion in eradicating malaria in her village, had lead her to pursue a formal training to become a malaria microscopist. For several years, she used to receive Rp 15,000 yet she has to make aweekly report that cost her Rp 5,000. Despite the low wages received, she carries out her duty to visit 700 houses every month to control anderadicate the spread of Malaria.

With the cash prize, Sulastri will buy a motorcycle for handling patients requiring emergency medical attention.

The players are heroes for what they do on court. There are also heroes out there who are not being recognized for what they do on theireveryday mist. Given that it’s our tenth year here in Bali for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tournament, we want to take part inacknowledging these unsung Heroes who plays a vital role in our life ona daily basis” says Kevin Livesey, Tournament Director of CommonwealthBank Tournament of Champions.

About Looking For A Hero Contest
Stories Narrated by : Setiaji Wibowo for Yohana Fransiska Sulastri,and Esti Murdani for Wahyu Setyarini.Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions has announced the debut of its campaign "Looking For A Hero”. Starting July 26 until October 15, this year, the program calls Indonesians to nominate a woman who hasmade a difference in the lives or their surrounding community. Thecontest was run in the fastest growing social media, the Facebook. Since July 2010, the Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions teams upwith its partners, Jakarta Globe, Sony Ericsson Indonesia, Bali Hotels Association and Surfer Girl, to promote the contest through printed andonline media. Within three months, the Looking for a Hero Facebook pagehas 1400 fans. The contest closed at 2100 fans and 39 hero entries fromacross Indonesia.

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